Employment Law for Employees

Employment Law for Employees:

  • Constructive dismissal

  • Unjustified dismissal

  • Redundancy

Constructive Dismissal

Are you forced to resign from your job? Do you feel that your right has been breached? 
Facing a constructive dismissal is difficult, and the NZ employment law is so complicated that many people don’t know how to exercise their right when they encounter constructive dismissal. We can provide advice to clients when they face this challenging situation and defend your right to the best possible outcome.

Legal Advice for Employees
Do you feel like you’ve been forced to resign? Was continuing at work no longer possible due to working conditions? 
If you feel that you have been subjected to constructive dismissal, we could advise you on where you stand as per the employment law in New Zealand, and what legal action you can take to claim your rights. If you live in the Auckland or Hamilton area and feel that you have a case of constructive dismissal, we can help you reach a swift and practical solution quickly.

Unjustified Dismissal

What constitutes unjustified dismissal under NZ employment law? Have you been unjustifiably dismissed? 
The employment law experts at the Whitehead Group can solve your employment issues for you. With over 30 years of experience resolving difficult employment situations, the Whitehead Group should be your first port of call.

Legal Advice for Employees
Do you know your rights as an employee, as per NZ employment law? Have you been subjected to unjustified dismissal?
 The experts at Whitehead Group can help employees understand their rights under the law, and help you resolve cases of unjustified dismissal. We are the best advisors in employment law, and are here to help.


Are you worried about your job? Whether you are the employer or employee, you have a right to know where you stand and what privileges you have under the New Zealand Employment Law. When unemployment and redundancy is commonplace, it is even more important for you to have Whitehead Group in your corner. We are experts in New Zealand Employment Law and are fully committed to helping you in your employment issues. We specialize in redundancy advice, conflict resolution, mediation and provide a positive approach to employer and employee relations.

Legal Advice for Employees
Do you feel powerless at work? Do you feel that your right as an employee has been violated? Are you afraid when your boss talks about redundancy?
 We can help. At the Whitehead Group, we offer advice for employees who want to better exercise their rights – especially in the areas of workplace. An Employer has an obligation to investigate an allegation of bullying. Often it can be difficult to detect workplace bullying particularly when is passive aggressive type bullying (For example refusing to include or respond to another person in the workplace).  The Whitehead Group advises complainants to provide five clear, factual examples identifying dates, times, locations, people present and actions and or comments made. It also advises Employees to engage a credible, external investigator to undertake an investigation. The Whitehead Group will assist you with unfair performance reviews, redundancy, reduced hours, or restraint of trade clauses in the contract. We have advice and assistance for employees and have been fighting for your cause for over 30 years.