For Employees

Employee rights in NZ:

Resolving Employee Disputes

Do you feel powerless?

It’s not uncommon to feel powerless when taking on your employer.  After all, you probably need your job more than they need you. Regardless, your career is too important and you must protect your interests.

Are you unsure about employee rights or grievance procedure? What if you had an unfair performance review? What do you do when you are served a termination letter? These are just some of the issues we deal with. As an employee, you have rights.

Some of the services that we provide for employees:

  • Sound employment law advice
  • Mediation representation
  • Union negotiations
  • Assistance and advice for bullying instances in the workplace
  • Review and advise on employment agreements – holiday entitlements, hours of work, restraint of trade among others
  • Take legal action or a personal grievance against the employer

The Whitehead Group levels the playing field for you.

With over 30 years of experience, we have an established reputation among stakeholders in the employment equation – employers, unions, the Employment Authority – for finding practical solutions quickly.

There are many issues an employee can potentially face. If you have an employment concern and want clarification on your rights, complete this form for a free initial advise