Early Intervention Mediation

Generally, mediations are used after somebody has lost their job and there has been a mass disruption to staff relations and productivity.

The Whitehead group’s Early Intervention Mediation, system will resolve emerging employment issues before they get out of hand and cause unrepairable damage to your business.

Aggrieved employees, are more likely to engage with a third party, independent mediator, knowing no information will be passed back to the employer, without their consent.

Early Intervention Mediation encourages and empowers parties to openly explore and find solutions that acceptable to everybody

An employer that swiftly intervenes on an employee issue, is more likely to retain its skilled staff and the necessary trust and confidence required in employment relationships.

Minimise the time and cost of resolving your employment issues before they become destructive to your business. Contact the Whitehead Group now, and explore Early Intervention Mediation.

Mediation as an option

Honest, Expert Mediators

The Whitehead Group mediation service offers professional, senior mediators who are experienced at intervening in an employment problem and resolving them in a rational professional manner.

Don’t let employment problems damage your employment reputation.  Let us assist you to repair your employment issues. Call us on 0800 247 9393 or complete this form for free initial advice.