From the Whitehead Group (“the firm”) terms and conditions:


Privacy and Confidentiality

  1. The purposes for which the firm collects personal information from you is in order to provide employment relations services to you.
  2. The firm holds your information on a secure electronic database and at their office at 42 William Souter Street, Forrest Hill, Auckland 0620, New Zealand.
  3. Max Grant Whitehead (“the Privacy Officer”) has access to your information as well as independent contractors and staff employed by the firm.
  4. The firm’s personnel will discuss with you if the firm needs to collect personal information about you from third parties.
  5. You have a right to request access and to request correction of your personal information.
  6. The firm holds in confidence all information concerning you or your affairs that the firm acquires during the course of delivering employment relations services to you. The firm will not disclose any of this information to any other person except with your consent; to the extent necessary or desirable to enable the firm to carry out your instructions; or to the extent required by law.
  7. The firm may provide access to information to third parties where any of the firm’s functions or services are being outsourced. In that situation, the third party will be required insofar as is possible to comply with this privacy policy and confidentiality.
  8. Please see the firm’s Privacy Statement in relation to the website.
  9. Most of the firm’s communications are via email or other electronic means. The firm does not guarantee the security of those communications and the firm is not liable for any loss suffered as a result of any breach of security or other default in the firm’s electronic services and devices. The firm will discuss with you the use of encryption or Dropbox (see below) for sensitive material.
  10. If required, the firm use the cloud sharing services of Dropbox for Business, which is a secure and encrypted service to securely share large files which cannot be shared via email. If the firm is using Dropbox as part of the services, please refer to Dropbox’s Policy and notify the Privacy Officer in first instance if you do not wish to use this service.

Other Information and Use

  1. The firm website does use analytics to gather information about your visit to our website, but this does not include anything which identifies you.  For example:
  • The name of the domain in which you accessed the internet;
  • The date and time you accessed the firm website;
  • The internet address of the website from which you linked directly to the firm website;
  • The pages you accessed while visiting the firm website


  1. Cookies are small text files that are placed in your browser by the websites you visit. They are widely used to help users navigate websites efficiently, to perform certain functions on the sites, and/or to provide site owners with information about how their sites are used.  The firm uses cookies on its website site for those purposes but does not collect any personal information from you in the use of cookies.

Security of your Information

  1. The firm takes all reasonable steps to ensure security of your information from risks such as loss or unauthorised access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure. Your personal information is maintained in a secure environment which can be accessed only by someone the firm has authorised to access the information who is required to comply with confidentiality and privacy. The firm will let you know as soon as possible after it becomes aware of any data breach. No data transmission over the internet or information stored on servers accessible through the internet can be guaranteed to be fully secure. These activities are taken at your own risk.

Links to Other Websites

  1. The firm is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of any other website that is linked to this website. It is your responsibility to investigate the privacy policies of those other sites.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

  1. This privacy policy may change from time to time particularly as new rules, regulations and industry codes are introduced.